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Events and Workshops

Immigration Webinars and Workshops

All immigration webinars and workshops are led by certified immigration advisors. If you're unable to attend a webinar but still have questions about immigration topics, you can contact our office for further support.

For support on applying for your study permit, you can watch the recording of our webinar. Use the password Laurier1! to access the webinar.

Programming for New International Students

These events and workshops are designed for international students who are starting their studies at Laurier. Programming may be for undergraduate students, graduate students or all incoming international students. We have noted which groups the programming applies to.

For virtual support during your travels to Canada, download the iCent app and search for Wilfrid Laurier University.

Social and Cultural Events and Workshops

Our social and cultural events are great ways to meet new people and learn from other students at Laurier. We hope you can join us!

Career Centre Workshops and Events

The Career Centre runs workshops and events for students throughout the year. We're sharing some of those events here that are specific to international students. For more workshops and events from the Career Centre, be sure to check out the calendars for Waterloo and Brantford.

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