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Staff Listing

Mike Aguiar
International Student Academic Transition Advisor (to winter 2017)
519.884.0710 x4545

Teeba Alsafar
International Student Advisor (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x5969

Anna Done Choudhury
Senior International Student Advisor
519.884.0710 x6840

Claire D’Alton
Administrative Assistant and Receptionist
519.884.0710 x2227

Peter Donahue
Associate Director, International Student Support
519.884.0710 x6704

Charlene Mak
International Programs Coordinator (on leave September 2015 to October 2016)
519.884.0710 x4085

Mary Ola
Administrative Assistant (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x5531

Candace Stewart-Smith
International Student Academic Transition Advisor (on leave February 2016 to January 2017)
519.884.0710 x4545

Sarina Wheeler
International Programs Coordinator (contract to fall 2016)
519.884.0710 x4085