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Safety Tips

Make smart choices.

On March 17, we strongly encourage our students to make smart choices and engage in safe and respectful behaviours. We want to ensure our Laurier community and broader community are safe. The university, police, and the city urge you not to take part in any large, unsanctioned street gatherings. Keep it small, keep it safe. Remember to respect your neighbours, our community, and your peers. Look out for each other, stick with friends and plan for a safe return home.

Here are a few things you should know related to the Waterloo campus on March 17:

  • Most university buildings will require OneCard access.
  • Remember, students are currently studying please show respect to your fellow students.
  • There will be parking restrictions on streets near campus, a no guest policy in residences, and enhanced security personnel on campus.
  • Laurier’s Special Constable Service and Waterloo Regional Police Service will have an increased presence on campus and in surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Hospitals in Ontario are currently operating at maximum capacity. Participating in large, unsanctioned street gatherings is dangerous. The risk of injury could mean a long wait in the emergency department and taking limited resources away from others in need.
  • There can be consequences to participating in large, unsanctioned gatherings. See details for fines.

Emergency Procedures

Wilfrid Laurier University is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment to live, learn and work. All members of the Laurier community should familiarize themselves with our emergency procedures

General Tips

Make smart choices.

We strongly encourage our students to make smart choices and engage in safe and respectful behaviours. We want to ensure our Laurier community and broader community are safe.

  • Always carry identification with you in case you need assistance and identification is required. 
  • Look out for your friends. If you see something, say something. If you or a friend need help, ask for it. If you need help:
    • download the SAFEHawk app,
    • contact Special Constables at 519.885.3333 in Waterloo or 519.770.3778 in Brantford, or
    • call 911.
  • Stick together, never leave a friend behind and ensure you all make it home safely. Designate one person to make sound decisions and provide help.  
  • You are accountable for your actions. Violation of laws or university policies are addressed under the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct in addition to any legal proceedings. Sanctions under the code range from a meeting or restitution for damages to suspension or expulsion. 
  • Travel safely and whenever possible, walk with at least one friend, in well-lit areas and in view of other pedestrians or motorists. Make use of Foot Patrol by calling 519.886.3668 (Waterloo) or 519.751.7875 (Brantford). Be respectful of our neighbours’ homes and properties when travelling to and from events. We are all part of the same community! 

Alcohol and Drugs

  • If you are of legal age to drink and choose to consume alcohol, drink responsibly, know your limits, pay attention to others’ sexual boundaries and don’t drink and drive. For tips, visit
  • If you are of legal age and choose to smoke or consume cannabis, make sure you do so responsibly. Cannabis consumption, including edible products, is not permitted on Laurier property. Learn more about cannabis use.
  • Selling alcohol at keg parties is illegal. Charging money for people to consume alcohol, even when promoted as a ‘cleanup fee’ or a ‘bracelet fee,' is still considered selling alcohol under the law.
  • If purchasing alcohol, do so from a licensed establishment, be of legal drinking age, drink responsibly, and arrange a safe way home.

Drink Spiking Safety

A night out with your friends should always be a fun experience. But always be aware of the people around you and the drinks you're consuming.


  • At Laurier we know that it is mandatory, and the bare minimum, to get consent for all sexual encounters. For tips and information about consent, visit website, which gives information on the ways alcohol and drug use impacts people's ability to give and receive consent.
  • If you or a friend needs help, ask for it.
  • If you see behaviour that is making you feel concerned about sexual violence, engage with CARE:
    • Create a distraction,
    • Ask Directly,
    • Rally others, and
    • Extend/seek out support(s).
    • Most importantly be an active bystander. If you see something, say something.
  • Keep resources handy on your phone by downloading the SAFEHawk app or contact Special Constables at x3333.

Street Behaviour

  • Laurier does not condone large unsanctioned gatherings as they are a safety risk to participants, first responders and neighbours
  • Consuming alcohol in public areas is prohibited and can result in a $125 ticket.
  • Waterloo Regional Police will be patrolling on foot, in cruisers and on bicycles to support safe activities.
  • Parking and noise bylaws will be in place.


  • All tenants on a property lease are equally responsible for all activities at their residence.
  • Compliance officers will focus on noise issues, public urination, garbage, and property standards.
  • Officers will charge tenants at their doors (all responsible parties on the lease) and require them to clean-up while the officer is onsite. A Part III summons to court may be issued for any offence.
  • It is an offence to:
    • Litter or urinate in public (fine: $400)
    • Have excessive garbage in your yard (fine: $100/$400 for a subsequent offence and possible City clean-up fee)
    • Make excessive noise (fine: $400)
    • Nuisance Party (fine: $800/$1,200 for a subsequent offence)
    • Nuisance Noise at designated times (fine: $800/$1,200 subsequent offence)
    • Set off a false fire alarm (fine: $179.11 per hour, per firefighter)

Fire Safety

  • Interior residence hallways and all exits must remain free and clear of obstructions at all times.
  • In the event of a fire, follow emergency procedures and have two exits out of the building.
  • Keep the entire road clear for emergency service vehicles.