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Planning Your Move

Congratulations on accepting your offer to Laurier! We can’t wait to welcome you to the Laurier family.

We know there is a lot for you to do, so we have put together a list of things you need to do before you arrive in Canada.

Gather Your Documents

When you travel from your home country to Canada, you must bring all the required travel and identification documents. Apply for a study permit or visa, and review the list of important documents before you leave.

Register for Your Courses

After you confirm your offer, check out our Registration Guide for instructions on how to choose and register for your courses.

Make sure you register for your courses before you arrive at Laurier. The longer you wait, the fewer course options you will have.

Learn More About Laurier

Laurier 101

Over the summer months, you must participate in Laurier 101. This student support program provides programming and services to help you start at Laurier.

International Headstart

Register for International Headstart, a live webinar with topics such as study permits and class registration. This is a great time to have your questions answered before you arrive in Canada!

International Orientation

International Orientation (IO) is mandatory for all incoming international first-year students to help you have the best start to your studies in Canada. IO gives you a chance to meet other students at Laurier and become familiar with your new home.

Find a Home

You can choose to live on campus in Laurier's residences or search for off-campus housing. Residence is guaranteed for first-year students if you apply by June 3, 2019. If you arrive at Laurier before you can move into residence, you will need to find a temporary place to stay.

Plan Your Travels

Arrive in time for International Orientation (IO) and give yourself enough time to get settled into your new home.

Book Your Flight

Book your flight from your home country to Canada as soon as you can. We recommend you book your flights as soon as your visa is approved.

Getting to Laurier

Plan how you will get to Laurier when you arrive at the airport. You are required to arrange for your own transportation.

Connect with Others

To help you with student life in Canada, we will match you with an International Student Leader (ISL), an upper-year student who will guide you during your first year on campus. 

You will be contacted by your ISL over the summer and we encourage you to meet them in person when you arrive on campus. Many ISLs will be participating in IO activities, so that's a great time to meet them!