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Planning Your Move

Congratulations on accepting your offer to Laurier! We can’t wait to welcome you to the Laurier family.

We know there is a lot for you to do, so we have put together a list of things you need to do before you arrive in Canada. We also have a variety of events and webinars to help you prepare to start your studies at Laurier.

Apply for a Study Permit

You will need to have a study permit before you can travel to Canada.

Gather Your Documents

When you travel from your home country to Canada, you must bring all the required travel and identification documents.

Set-Up Your Student Accounts

Tip: Submit your OneCard photo online before you arrive so it is ready when you get here. You can use the photo you submitted with your study application permit.

Find a Home

You have options when it comes to finding a place to live. 

If you arrive at Laurier before you can move into residence, you will need to find a temporary place to stay.

Register for Your Courses

Make sure you register for your courses before you arrive at Laurier. The longer you wait, the fewer course options you will have.

  • Check your mylaurier email address for course registration notifications.
  • Check out the Registration Guide to learn how to choose and register for your courses.

Getting to Laurier

You're almost here! You are required to organize your own transportation from the airport to Laurier. Know what to do when you arrive at the airport and explore your travel options from the airport to campus.

Learn More About Laurier

Attend Laurier 101, our incoming student support program to help you start at Laurier.