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Residence Experience

We Are Here For You

We are committed to serving you and we value you as a member of our community. With your participation, we can foster a safe, comfortable and accepting home, create an environment conducive to academic pursuits and provide an opportunity for social and personal growth. 

Live well.

Take care of your mental well-being. Connect with our residence counsellor.

Live respectfully.

Learn about our policies and procedures.

Live safely.

Check out the supports available to you so you can feel safe in your home.

Your Residence Life Student Staff Team

Residence Life Dons

Dons are upper-year students whose role is to ensure the needs of their students and community are being met. Dons provide support, build genuine relationships with their students, promote responsible behaviour, act as academic and social role models and encourage respect and awareness of diversity. They facilitate programs and events to provide opportunities for personal growth, community building and to have fun.

Residence Education Advisors

Residence Education Advisors (REAs) are responsible for facilitating residence-wide programming that supports academic success and personal growth at Laurier. REAs focus on implementing the residential curriculum and act as a programming resource for Dons throughout the year. They assess, report and create programming that responds to community needs and student trends. Be sure to get to know your REA and attend their ongoing events throughout the year.