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First-Year Leadership Program

The First-Year Leadership Program (FYLP) creates unique opportunities for students living in residence to find their fit. With over 400 leadership positions available to first-year students, Laurier’s residence program continues to thrive because of the energy new leaders bring.

Explore the ways you can get involved and shape your residence experience.

First-Year Leadership Program Councils: Waterloo

First-Year Leadership Program Councils: Brantford

Leadership Certificate

The Department of Residence Leadership Certificate is a component of the First-Year Leadership Program that is comprised of a series of interactive workshops that cumulate in a capstone project which encourages first-year students to explore their own leadership style and understand the impact that they can have on the greater community.

Participation in the program will require roughly 10 hours of participation where students will engage in a series of workshops in addition to a final capstone. Workshops are offered in both the fall and winter terms, focused on Values, Choices, Collaboration and Resiliency. Students that complete the Leadership Certificate are eligible to receive credit by adding the experience to their Laurier Experience Record (LER).