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Smoke-Free Regulations

In an effort to support students’ health, wellness and safety, all Laurier campuses and properties are smoke free.

Laurier’s Smoke-Free Policy prohibits the smoking of tobacco and cannabis by all methods, as well as vaping of all substances in any form, including the use of vaporizer and inhalant devices such as vape pens and e-cigarettes. In addition, Laurier prohibits selling, promoting and advertising of all smoking products.

Approved religious and cultural exemptions will be made available under the policy as the university respects the sacred role of tobacco and other traditional medicines in Indigenous spiritual and cultural practices.

Smoke-Free Areas

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and grounds owned, leased or operated by the university, including:

  • outdoor play areas
  • athletic and recreational fields
  • university residences and housing
  • vehicles or equipment rented, owned or leased by the university

Smoking in Residences

While Laurier’s Smoke-Free Policy prohibits smoking in any form at the university (indoors and outside), there are a few exceptions, including the medical use of cannabis in residence buildings. As long as you have the proper medical documentation, medical cannabis is subject to different rules than recreational cannabis. This is accommodated through Residence Life policies.

Quitting Time

Educational events and workshops are being offered through the Student Wellness Centre to help you reduce or quit smoking. Workshops to help you quit smoking are offered during the fall and spring terms to keep you on track, and support your health and well-being.


For more information, refer to the Smoke-Free Policy or visit the Smoke-Free Policy frequently asked questions.