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Prism Resources

Prism Resources envisions a world where every student is empowered to learn the skills and access the resources they need to achieve their full potential.

Students within the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics are automatically enrolled into the Prism Resources program and have access to unlimited rental and training services. Students in other faculties can enrol into the program for a fee of $65/term by visiting the Customer Service Desk in room LH1014. Our members receive unlimited access to training, equipment rentals and labs. Customer experience has been always our top priority – we’re more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with the equipment or space you need.


We offer a wide variety of training sessions to provide our members with the skills necessary in today’s competitive workplace. Training sessions consists of Microsoft Office, Bloomberg, Adobe and Quickbooks, along with others such as VBA and personal branding. Members also have the opportunity to obtain recognized certifications through the Certiport exams designed for Microsoft Office and Adobe.


At Prism Resources, we understand the tech market moves fast — that’s why we’re committed to providing our members with the latest devices and technology through our rental services. Some equipment rentals we offer include laptops, presentation remotes, portable monitors, iClickers, chargers, speakers and iPads.

Study Space and Labs

We have two different labs and group work centres exclusive to our members that are perfect for studying and collaboration.

Prism Centre

The Prism Centre, located in LH1014, is the hub of the organization, featuring spacious desks ideal for either individual or group work and desktop computers (both Mac and PC models) along the perimeter of the room. The lab is outfitted with an abundance of outlets both at the desks and near the desktops so you can easily collaborate over a laptop or charge your phone.

Also available here is the Prism Resources Customer Service Desk, where a customer service representative can help you obtain a rental, sign up for one of our many training courses or answer any general inquires you may have.

Prism Finance Lab

Newly renovated to better suit your needs, our Prism Finance Lab is located on the first floor of Lazardis Hall in LH1015. It offers a great environment to learn more about your course of choice during our dynamic training sessions. The space is equipped with 50 computers, 20 Bloomberg terminals and a large whiteboard to better facilitate learning. This is also a great spot to practice class presentations or get school work done in a quiet environment when it’s not in use.