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Intramurals and Club Sports

Intramurals and extramurals are great options for both the competitively or recreationally inclined. You can register with a group of your friends or meet new friends by registering on your own and being matched with a team.

If you are looking for student-run programs, check out the sport clubs offered in both Waterloo and Brantford.

Intramurals and Extramurals

Each year, half our student body participates in our award-winning intramural program. Whether you want to lace up your sneakers for dodgeball, sharpen your skates for ice hockey, or don a swimsuit for inner tube water polo, there is an intramural sport for everyone.

Laurier Brantford offers a more competitive option with the extramural league. You have access to an unlimited potential of sporting opportunities through the OCR playing alongside other colleges and universities.

Participant Guidelines

Specific to the intramural program, participants are expected to treat teammates, opponents and officials with respect and dignity as specified in the fair play guidelines (posted in the AC gym, pool and stadium gym facilities). There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.


All registered Laurier students with a valid student ID or anyone with a facility membership (including faculty, staff, alumni or non-registered students) can participate in the intramural program.

You can only play on one team per sport but are welcome to participates in as many sports as you like.


For more information on each league including times, location and registration fees, visit the Laurier Athletics page:

Not all intramural programs are offered each term.

Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are run by the students, for the students, with a heavy emphasis on student leadership in competition, performance and team management. A sanctioned sport club provides a program of instruction, recreation, and/or competition in a specific sport or physical activity.

Club members primarily organize, govern, develop and largely fund their own activities through membership fees, grants, and fundraising. Joining a sport club is simple: get in contact with the respective club president to get involved.