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Gendered and Sexual Violence Task Force

The Gendered and Sexual Violence Task Force (GSVTF) is the institutionally recognized leadership team for strategic planning and decision making associated with root causes of – and sustaining efforts to address – gendered and sexual violence.

We collaboratively work towards the elimination of gendered and sexual violence at Laurier – and to support the healing of those who have experienced it – through continuous inclusive dialogue, meaningful and ongoing training initiatives, accessible policies and protocols, community engagement, support services, and campus collaborations.

About the Task Force

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Act requires universities to establish a Gendered and Sexual Violence Task Force. Laurier reworked its Gendered Violence Take Force (formed in 2014) into the GSVTF in compliance with the MTCU Act.

Laurier’s GSVTF is responsible for:

  • Assessing the sufficiency of Laurier’s sexual violence policy.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current programs and services to combat sexual violence on campus.
  • Recommending additional steps that Laurier may take to ensure a safe environment for all.

In order for the GSVTF to actualize its goals, it supports and works in collaboration with the GSV Education Action Group, the GSV Response Action Group and the GSV Student Advisory Committee – as well as other key stakeholders, ensuring efforts are goal-oriented, effective and sustainable.


  • Senior Advisor, The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management (Co-Chair)
  • Sexual Violence Response Coordinator (Co-Chair)
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist
  • Deans of Students (Waterloo and Brantford Campus)
  • Human Resources Representative(s)
  • Faculty Members engaged with Gendered and Sexual Violence research
  • Representatives from the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Student Representatives


The GSVTF is required to provide its Board of Governors and the MCTU an annual public report highlighting the activities and actions of the university as well as recommendations for future actions and initiatives with the goal of addressing and eradicating sexual violence on our campus.

View the Gendered and Sexual Violence Annual Report.

Groups and Committees