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Mental Health and Counselling

Mental health services at the Student Wellness Centre include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, using short-term, goal-directed counselling, crisis intervention, and crisis management.

Common concerns that are addressed in short-term therapy may include:

  • anxiety and depression
  • homesickness
  • stress management
  • roommate tensions
  • parental and family conflicts
  • surviving a break-up
  • grief
  • confidence and self-esteem

These services are ideal for recent issues or issues that are expected to resolve relatively quickly. If you are facing ongoing difficulties (6 months or longer), or if you have engaged in ongoing therapy in the past, it is likely that the Student Wellness Centre will recommend you establish a relationship with a provider in the community to ensure you have access to mental health treatment that is not limited.

Online Resources 

If you are an online student who attends Laurier remotely, we suggest the following online resources.  We also suggest you contact your local branch of the CMHA for information about local resources.

Services Outside Scope of Practice

Some services are outside our scope of practice, extend beyond our scope of care, or require very specialized providers. Examples may include:

  • Students who are already receiving ongoing therapy with another mental health provider.
  • Students who cannot be stabilized with short-term crisis intervention; or who consistently need service more than once per week and/or frequent require consultation after-hours.
  • Students who require intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment (for example, impairing eating disorders, supervised medication administration, a history of multiple hospitalizations, chronic suicidality and/or self-injury behaviours, a history of repeated suicide attempts).
  • Students seeking on-going mandated treatment.
  • Students seeking formal psychological assessments (for example, for learning disabilities or ADHD).
  • Students who require counselling to meet an academic requirement, or are interested in counseling solely to gain clinical experience.

Off-Campus Referrals

When off-campus therapy is recommended or preferred by a student, a counsellor will support the student through the process of getting connected. We will help to identify several referral options selected specifically for the student’s personal situation. Local counselling options include providers within walking distance to campus and some that provide low or sliding scale fee services.