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Mental Health and Counselling

Mental health services at the Student Wellness Centre include assessment, diagnosis and treatment, including short-term, goal-directed counselling, crisis intervention and crisis management.

Physicians at the Student Wellness Centre offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of issues related to mental health, including anxiety and panic, depression, and low mood. Mental health appointments with our physicians are pre-scheduled appointments that are not available on a walk-in basis.

If you are unsure of what kind of appointment you need, or if you need an immediate appointment, you may be scheduled with the mental health nurse or the counselling clinical lead. They can help you get connected with all the supports you need within the Student Wellness Centre and in the community.

Personal counselling, including crisis support, is also provided in the Student Wellness Centre on a short-term, goal-directed basis to address a wide variety of issues, including:

  • homesickness
  • stress management
  • roommate tensions
  • parental and family conflicts
  • surviving a break-up
  • grief
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • eating and body-image difficulties

If you have recently experienced a trauma, are having difficulty coping or have an urgent concern, please tell reception you require an urgent appointment.

During times of high demand, when you have to wait longer than you hoped for a counselling appointment, consider attending our wellness workshops that run throughout the academic year and in the summer. 

Counsellors from a variety of educational backgrounds provide support to students who are experiencing problems of a personal nature. Students often seek counselling to deal with issues related to:

  • loneliness, relationship difficulties
  • family problems, roommate difficulties
  • sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse
  • eating disorders
  • grief and loss, trauma
  • motivation, perfectionism, procrastination
  • shyness, low self esteem
  • anxiety, stress, depression, anger
  • thoughts of suicide
  • sexuality concerns

Our commitment is to help you find the support you need so you are able to achieve your personal and academic goals. Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk with a counsellor to explore, understand, and work through personal issues.