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Medical Insurance and Health Plans

The Student Wellness Centre accepts all provincial health plans, such as the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for international students, for most physician visits.

Extended Health and Dental Insurance Programs

The undergraduate health and dental plans are mandatory for all undergraduate part-time and full-time students. The plans are also mandatory for co-op students enrolled in a work term and students enrolled in Online Learning courses. Undergraduate students can obtain information about the Students' Union and this program online.  Specific information and instruction on how to remit claims, opting out or in can be explored through

How to Submit a Claim

Claims are submitted through the Blue Cross online portal, the mobile app, or by printing out a claim form and mailing it. 

The recommended way to submit a claim is online after registering using the online portal:

  • Select "Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union" in the drop menu
  • Select "Make a Claim" at the top of the page
  • the first time you log in, follow the instructions to register.  Your Group Policy Number is 0091944000.  Your certificate number is your nine digit student ID number plus two zeros at the end: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 00.  If your ID number is less than nine digits long, add zeros at the end to make an eleven digit certificate number.

Insurance claim forms are no longer accepted at the U-Desk.

Laurier's Graduate Students' Association (GSA) offers a Health and Dental Plan, which covers some basic expenses outside of your provincial health plan. This includes dental work, prescriptions, psychologist/social worker visits, physiotherapy, and more.

A growing number of important services aren’t covered by provincial health care (OHIP) or the international student equivalent (UHIP). Health is of the utmost importance to academic success. To help students pay for the health and dental services that they need, the GSA has put in place a collective plan. The GSA is pleased to offer this valuable service and hopes that you make the most of it.

The services of nurses, counsellors, the registered dietitian, and the mental health student support staff in the Wellness Centre are included in your student services fees, and all Laurier students can access them at no extra charge.

Visits with the doctors are covered by provincial health insurance (e.g. OHIP) for Ontario residents. If you are an international student, your health care is covered by a private insurance company, in most cases the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

Because health care is required in Ontario, those students not covered by OHIP or an alternatively accepted plan must register for the UHIP while studying or working at a participating university or affiliated college in Ontario. UHIP covers your medical needs equal to the coverage offered by the provincial health plan available to Ontario residents. This plan covers costs and services associated with hospital and doctor visits. UHIP is intended to ensure that students receive basic health-care coverage while studying in the province.

The UHIP insurer is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and is administered by Cowan Insurance Ltd.

You should carry your UHIP insurance card with you at all times. You must present it at every visit to the Wellness Centre. As an international student, you will be required to pay for your visit up front if you do not provide proof of insurance coverage.

Visit our UHIP information page for more information about UHP enrolment and coverage.

Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance Plan

The Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance Plan extends coverage beyond what is covered by UHIP or OHIP. There is no overlap of coverage between UHIP and supplementary health insurance. Supplementary insurance plans are separate from UHIP.

Supplemental Health and Dental Insurance covers prescriptions, a portion of dental and medical expenses when prescribed by a doctor, and provides travel insurance when outside of Ontario and Canada. Students should automatically be enrolled in Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance Plans as part of their tuition, and can opt out if they have alternative coverage.

If you are an undergraduate student, the supplemental health plan is provided by the Students' Union and if you are a graduate student, it is provided by the Graduate Students' Association. More information about services covered and making a claim are available on the respective pages.

Opt-Out or Family Opt-In

If you have benefits under another plan, including Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nation and Inuit, you may be able to opt out of the plan provided by the Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union (WLUSU) or the Graduate Students' Association (GSA). For more information: 

You can opt family members into the extended health and dental plan if you have eligible spouse and/or dependents whom you would like to add to your benefits for an additional fee: