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Wellness Certificates

The Student Wellness Centre offers two certificate programs related to staying well while you are here at Laurier. They are the Wellness Education Certificate and the Skills to Thrive Certificate. These certificates are not only great for learning more strategies to stay well, but also to add to your Laurier Experience Record or resume, indicating you are committed to health and wellness.

These certificates are all five modules each and must be completed in one term. Registration is required. See each certificate below for more information.

Wellness Education Certificate

By completing this certificate, you are demonstrating a commitment to health and well-being as well as an enhanced knowledge and understanding of wellness and the ways it affects your overall experience.

The Wellness Education Certificate consists of five one-hour workshops, designed to be completed in one term. Register for this certificate once you have completed all five workshops. 

There are four required workshops and one elective to complete the Wellness Education Certificate. All required workshops can be completed online and are open to Laurier students on all campuses. The elective workshop can be completed online or in-person on either the Waterloo or Brantford campus. Zoom workshops require advance registration and in-person workshops are drop-in.

Wellness Education Certificate Workshops:

You are also asked to complete a short reflection to demonstrate your learning. After completing all five workshops, apply for the certificate using the Wellness Education Certificate Application Form. Your certificate will be emailed to you.

Once approved, the Wellness Education Certificate is eligible to be included on your Laurier Experience Record. If you began the certificate program in last year but were not able to complete, you can complete your certificate Fall term using either last year or this year's certificate curriculum. If you cannot complete your certificate in one term, or for more information, please contact Sarina Wheeler at

Skills to Thrive Certificate: Your Personal Plan for Wellness

Registration for Skills to Thrive is closed for Fall 2022. The program will run again Winter 2023 with registrations opening early January 2023. For more information contact Claire Howarth at

As a participant in this ive-session series of interactive workshops led by Peer Wellness Educators, you will set out to define what wellness means as we explore topics such as: managing stress, nourishing your body, creating healthy habits and routines, building a supportive community, and practicing intentional self-care.

These sessions are full of activities, how-to's, and opportunities to connect with other students as you learn to care for your whole self. You will walk away with a Laurier Experience Record credit and a personalized plan for wellness that will help you thrive at Laurier and beyond.

If you want to meet new people in a supportive learning environment dedicated to improving your personal wellness, register for this great certificate!

The Skills to Thrive Certificate consists of five modules, completed in one term:

  1. Understanding Your Own Wellness
  2. Foundations of Physical Health: Sleep and Nutrition
  3. Beyond the Basics of Physical Health: Stress and Self-Care
  4. Building a Supportive Community
  5. Creating a Plan for Wellness