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Services and Support

What is the Office Responsible For?

The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management is responsible for:

  • Providing facilitation of the resolution of discrimination and harassment complaints.
  • Collaborating with individuals and groups seeking to improve difficult relationships.
  • Providing support and coaching for those wishing to confidentially address conflict.
  • Educating the university community about workplace conflicts (including harassment, discrimination and bullying) and strategies for effective conflict resolution.
  • Conducting awareness programs, workshops and customized training sessions to meet the dispute resolution needs of the university community.

What Can I Expect from the Office?

The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management has a presence on all campuses. When contacting the office you will be provided with an opportunity to confidentially meet to discuss your situation in a location that is comfortable to you. At that meeting you will be provided with an opportunity to:

  • Talk about issues and preferred outcomes.
  • Explore appropriate referrals for other supports and assistance.
  • Discuss and consider various options for resolving conflicts.
  • Consider the value of mediation or facilitated conversation.
  • Prepare for a difficult conversation.
  • Analyze the nature and cause of your conflict or concern.

The office offers a number of supports. You will be provided with options to consider for which avenue of support you are most comfortable with. The office will assist you in determining effective solutions to interpersonal problems. If, however, you feel you are experiencing discrimination, harassment, workplace or gender based violence and informal resolution is not an option please contact the office directly.

The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management will not:

  • Speak on behalf of the university.
  • Interfere with appropriate performance management or evaluation.
  • Take action without your consent unless safety is an issue.
  • Advocate for a particular individual.

Getting Help and Support

To help guide you, more specific information about common concerns and complaints can be found under "Finding the Right Office." If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management by phone or email.

If you are not comfortable contacting the office you should seek out other supports in the university, including those available to you through Human Resources, your union, association or the deans of students.