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Career Panels and Networking Events

We welcome numerous professionals – many of them Laurier alumni – each year to speak at career-related events. We ask our guests to share career information and advice with students. By attending these sessions, you will:

  • Learn more about a potential career path of interest to you (e.g., job responsibilities; work culture; skills, personality and interests required to succeed; future trends; etc.).
  • Learn about career options you may not have previously considered.
  • Build your professional network and open up future opportunities to connect (networking is critical when career planning or job searching).

Winter 2023 Panels

Examples of past career panels include:

  • Careers in Social Work
  • Careers in Marketing
  • Careers in Mental Health
  • Careers in Sales
  • Careers in User Experience
  • Careers in Data Analytics
  • Careers in Research
  • Careers in Healthcare
To view recordings of past panel events, please log in to Navigator and click Career Resources, Handouts and Event Recordings. If you have an idea for a career event relating to a specific academic discipline or industry, feel free to contact us at or

Career Profiles

Interested in learning more about possible career options? View our career profiles to learn about the experiences of Laurier alumni. The career profiles are packed with tips on how to navigate various industries and paths, and will help you think about the career options available to you.