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Employer Recruiting Sessions

Employer events present an ideal opportunity for students to connect with potential employers. Many organizations recruit Laurier students by posting their job opportunities through the Career Centre. Some recruiting organizations will host an online or on-campus presentation and networking event prior to their job application deadline(s). Attending sessions and introducing yourself to a prospective employer will allow you to:

  • Make a positive impression on a potential employer (many employers view attendance at these sessions as a necessary step in their recruiting process).
  • Learn more about the organization’s values and culture.
  • Learn more about the available job opportunities.

Visit the Employer Events Calendar in Navigator to view the schedule of upcoming employer events. 

Employer Recruiting Session Attendance Policy

Through the Graduating Student Employment Service and the Summer and Part-time Employment Service, a number of employers schedule recruiting sessions to promote the positions for which they are recruiting. These events provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn from and network with employer representatives and are a key component of the recruiting process.

For those sessions you plan to attend, it is extremely important to register through Navigator as attendance is confirmed with employers. Once registered, you are expected to be present at the session. In the event that you can no longer attend the session, it is imperative that the Career Centre be notified of this cancellation. Cancellations can be made online in Navigator. If you are unable to cancel your registration in Navigator, please call the Career Centre.

Should you register and fail to attend two sessions without cancelling in advance, you may be required to meet with a Career Centre staff member prior to any further participation in the Graduating Student Employment Service or Summer and Part-time Employment Service.

Network Effectively

Informational interviews are a great opportunity to network and learn about career opportunities. Connect with the Career Centre to chat with a career consultant when preparing for informational interviews or developing a  strategy to build your professional network.