Startup Fund Course Application Form

The Laurier Startup Fund requires students to be committed to the fund for a full academic term. Students who are accepted into the fund are required to register for BU460 for undergraduates or BU660 for graduates.

To be eligible to participate in the fund:

  • Students are required to have taken or be concurrently registered in BU403/BU613 Entrepreneurial Finance during the term in which they are registered for an independent study credit with the fund.
  • Students must be willing and able to travel during the term to meet with managers anywhere in southern Ontario.
  • Students must submit an application at least 75 days before the start of the academic term.
  • Students must have their application accepted by the supervising faculty.
Applications will be reviewed approximately 75 days prior to the term. Students will be selected on the basis of past academic performance in core marketing and finance courses. In case of ties with students of equal academic performance, the student whose CV demonstrates more interest in early stage companies will be ranked higher. 

If you have any questions, or difficulties completing this form, contact Brian Smith at