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Teaching Certificates

Our student teaching certificate programs are currently being redeveloped. Please check back later for more information. 

Graduate Certificates

Introduction to Intercultural Teaching

Participate in online sessions designed to support your development as an educator in today’s complex higher education environment where we aspire to incorporate internationalization, global citizenship, and diversity into classrooms and curricula. Teaching effectively in this environment demands that we understand and practice inclusive approaches to teaching so that we might contribute to social justice in our classrooms and enhance learning for all of our students. 

Registration for this certificate can be completed through the online form.

  • Identify how your own expectations around communication are informed by your cultural influences.
  • Recognize elements in classrooms and curricula that privilege or marginalize students.
  • Analyze classroom situations to identify micro-aggressions in the classroom.
  • Consider how to incorporate inclusive strategies into your teaching.
  • Develop confidence in your instructional skills, teaching communication, and intercultural awareness.

To complete the certificate, participants must complete ten online modules.

Online Modules:

  1. Introduction to Intercultural Communication in Teaching and Learning
  2. Power, Privilege, and Language in the Classroom
  3. Unconscious Biases in the Classroom
  4. Culture in Classroom Discussions
  5. Culture and Cognition
  6. Variations in Feedback and Approaches to Conflict
  7. Acculturative Stress
  8. Colonization and Ethnostress
  9. Islamophobia
  10. The Inclusive Classroom

For each module, students will be required to:

  • read through the lesson;
  • read one article;
  • write a one-page reflection; and
  • participate in an online discussion.

It is anticipated that each module will take approximately four hours of time to complete. The certificate is self-paced.