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Staff Listing

Student Teaching Development Team

Graduate Teaching Developers

Michael Murphy

As a Graduate Teaching Developer, Michael is excited to help students develop their teaching. 
Michael is a first year graduate student in the Community Music program at Laurier. Community Music is an interdisciplinary practice which embraces hospitality and uses music as a tool to create fun, dynamic, and inclusive learning environments. His current research focuses on exploring digital technology's role in Community Music. As a teacher and facilitator, it brings Michael joy to help people discover and develop themselves

Samantha Nolan

Samantha is in the first year of Masters of History.  Her research focus is on Food advertisements between the two World Wars, and the impact on nutrition and eating practices of Canadians. Being a first generation university graduate, teaching has been a great avenue to build up her own and others confidences in the academic environment. As well, Samantha believes teaching is a great way to impact others and feels that seeing participants learn something new, is so rewarding.

Nina Hedayati

Nina is a third year doctoral student in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research focuses on biomarkers of resilience in people who have or have not experienced negative life events. With regards to teaching, Nina tries to learn new active learning techniques to incorporate them into her classes and workshops. Her favourite part of teaching is seeing the growth and progress of her students.

Student Teaching Development Facilitators

Beth Kannath

Beth is a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student pursuing a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Education. With a passion for innovation and learning, Beth continually seeks to challenge the status quo and find new opportunities within the field of education. Her favourite part about teaching is facilitating collaborative spaces to learn from one another and using co-constructed knowledge as a basis to build on ideas for a sustainable and brighter future. 

Alek Karthikeyan

Alek is a fourth year Health Sciences student. With a passion for learning and professional development, Alek seeks opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and develop his growth mindset. His favourite part about teaching is developing meaningful relationships that foster a positive learning environment and help everyone reach their maximum potential.

Kaitlin Shaw

Kaitlin is a fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student pursing a specialization in Human Resources and a minor in Psychology. Kaitlin is also hoping to attend Teachers College after completing her undergraduate degree. She is passionate about education, including both teaching and learning from those around her. Kaitlin also has a passion for inclusion and providing a comfortable learning environment that is adaptable to individual needs. She is looking forward to teaching others, expanding her own knowledge and developing relationships through this role. 


Marcia Chaudet

As an Educational Developer for Student Programming, Marcia Chaudet coordinates the student certificate programming and workshops offered through Teaching and Learning. As well she is responsible for overseeing teaching development for undergraduate and graduate students across Laurier’s campuses. She enjoys working with students and allowing them opportunities to expand their teaching beliefs and explore teaching and learning in new environments.