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Staff Listing

Graduate Teaching Developers 

Nina Hedayati

Nina is a third year doctoral student in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research focuses on biomarkers of resilience in people who have or have not experienced negative life events. With regards to teaching, Nina tries to learn new active learning techniques to incorporate them into her classes and workshops. Her favourite part of teaching is seeing the growth and progress of her students.

Anahid Shirkhodaee

Anahid is a fourth year PhD candidate in Human Geography at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. Her research focuses on the lived experiences of Iranian immigrants in Waterloo Region. As a graduate teaching developer, she helps to develop and facilitate workshops and professional development programming to support the training and pedagogical development of graduate students across all disciplines. As an international graduate student herself, Anahid is deeply invested in supporting the teaching success of her fellow international graduate teaching assistants.

Student Teaching Development Facilitators

Danielle Louzado

Danielle is a third year Honours Bachelor of Arts student pursuing a major in Languages (French, Spanish, and German). Danielle's passion for education, social justice, and intercultural communication helps her create an inclusive classroom that welcomes new ways of thinking. She views learning as something that is not exclusive to the classroom, but rather something that takes place whenever we interact with other people. She hopes to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to share their opinions and ideas, and understands that we are all continuously learning and discovering more about ourselves and the world around us.  

Hayley Newman-Petryshen

Hayley is a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student pursuing a Global Studies major with an International Policy option. She has always been passionate about education and is hoping to pursue a graduate degree after completing her degree. A people person with years of tutoring experience, Hayley loves to facilitate alternative group learning opportunities where people learn from their peers in a safe and collaborative space and help students build their confidence as both learners and teachers.


Marcia Chaudet

As an Educational Developer for Student Programming, Marcia Chaudet coordinates the student certificate programming and workshops offered through Teaching and Learning. As well she is responsible for overseeing teaching development for undergraduate and graduate students across Laurier’s campuses. She enjoys working with students and allowing them opportunities to expand their teaching beliefs and explore teaching and learning in new environments.