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Volunteer Notetaking

Do you attend all your classes and take good notes?  Do you enjoy helping others?  If yes, volunteer as a notetaker with Accessible Learning.

As an Accessible Learning Volunteer Notetaker, you:

  • Help to create an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming Laurier.
  • Enhance classroom accessibility for students with disabilities.
  • Enhance your notetaking skills (and maybe your grades too!).
  • Add to your Laurier Experience Record.
  • May be eligible for the Dixon Volunteer Award.

Volunteer Today!

Follow these easy steps below to apply as a volunteer notetaker:

  1. Log onto Loris and record the Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for each course in which you wish to volunteer.
  2. Complete the Accessible Learning Notetaker Application.
  3. Open another brower tab.
  4. Log onto Accessible Learning using your MyLaurier username and password.
  5. On the screen, ensure the correct term is display.  Click "previous" or "next" term button at the top to adjust as necessary.
  6. Enter the CRNs from above.
  7. Read the Notetaker Contract, enter your name as it appears, and click "Submit your Notetaker Contract".
  8. Monitor your Laurier email regularly for updates. 

Current Notetakers

The information below will help ensure your success as a volunteer notetaker.

Tip: Upload your notes within TWO (2) days after each class!

Notetaking Best Practices

Accessible Learning assembled best notetaking practices from our learning strategists, students, and notetakers. Follow these practices to boost your notetaking skills!


Each term, Accessible Learning collects feedback from our notetakers and students about their experiences and satisfaction with this service. This helps us with continuous service improvement for our students volunteers.