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Program Requirements

Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies.


First Year Students, Undeclared, or General Arts (No Major)

With the discontinuation of in-person instruction in all courses, we ask that students check the dedicated Arts Advising page on MyLearningSpace. All in-person advising has been suspended until further notice. Questions can also be sent to We ask for your patience as will do our best to respond to all inquiries during this particularly busy time.

Arts Advising on MLS

On-line Arts Academic Advising will be available on MyLearningSpace. Please log into MLS and look for the heading: Arts Advising.  In addition to on-line advising, please check regularly for Academic FAQ's, Associate Dean Announcements and Advising Updates.   

We feel this measure should be taken in order to help protect the health of both students and staff. Please follow this practice until in-person classes have resumed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Communication and Cultural Studies Undergraduate Program Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Finn is the Undergraduate Program Advisor for Communication Studies and Cultural Studies.  For May and June, 2021 advising hours are via Zoom on:

  • Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Request an appointment by sending an email (using your Laurier email account) to

Please include your:

  • name, student ID number
  • reason for the appointment
  • preferred appointment day and time within advising hours

We will reply with your meeting date, time and meeting ID.

Communication Studies Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Jeremy Hunsinger is the Graduate Program Coordinator.  At this time communications will be done remotely.

Progression Requirements

Communication Studies

In order to register in Year 2 of honours Communication Studies, you need to have a 6.0 (C+) in each of CS100 and CS101 and an overall GPA of 5.0 (C). For Year 3 and Year 4, students must also have a major GPA of 6.0 (C+). Your major GPA is calculated using every Communication Studies (CS) core and elective course that you have taken, your overall GPA is calculated using all courses your have taken.

Students seeking transfer into the program beyond Year 2 will also need an overall GPA of 9.0 (B+).

Cultural Studies

In order to register in honours Cultural Studies, you need to be registered in another Honours BA program, have completed at least one of KS100 or KS101, have major and overall GPAs of 5.0 (C) or higher.  Your major GPA is calculated using the grades for any course listed in the Honours Cultural Studies program that you have taken.

Undergraduate Programs 2020/21

Communication Studies

Cultural Studies

Graduate Program 2020/21

MA in Communication Studies