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Global Crime and Justice (Certificate)

The certificate in Global Crime and Justice is one of Laurier’s first micro-credentials, offering you the chance to earn a special certificate in addition to your degree. Our courses are dialed in to focus on the key justice issues that have been identified by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), using course materials that have been collaboratively developed by more than 600 scholars from across the globe.

About the UNODC

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For the past two decades, the UNODC has developed programming and initiated change at the global level intended to reduce the impact of global illegal narcotics networks, organized criminal enterprise, corruption, and terrorism. Their work has instigated international partnerships, treaties, and conventions intended to support United Nations member states in the enactment of evidence-based, comprehensive responses to global criminal harms.

One of the UNODC’s key pillars in policy preventing and responding to crime is championing quality education that is inclusive, equitable, and promotes lifelong learning opportunities. This foundation was formalized after the 13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.  The resulting work calls for promotion of a culture of lawfulness based on the protection of human rights and the rule of law while respecting cultural identity, paired with awareness-raising programmes designed to engage young people as agents of positive change.

The efforts of the UNODC, align closely with Laurier’s mission to inspire lives of leadership and purpose, empowering all community members to engage and challenge the world on issues of justice and sustainability, and why the UNODC has collaborated with Laurier on this certificate.

Real-World Ready Programming

You will learn about the scope and impact of each criminal justice issue, their detection and prevention, and the range of international criminal justice responses. You will also be introduced to the UNODC’s programmes and their contributions toward tackling these threats while promoting peace and sustainable well-being as deterrents.

This education will prove advantageous if you are seeking occupations relating to criminal justice by providing a framework for specialized ongoing study. Globalized responses to borderless crimes like human trafficking, cybercrime, and organized corruption will drive the need for internationally educated and experienced individuals. Further, international organizations like the Council of Europe, the Arab League, African Union, Organization of American States, Asian Cooperation Dialogue, Pacific Islands Forum, and the United Nations continue to seek professionals educated in global issues.