Psychology Override Form (Brantford)

This form is for students who are requesting a prerequisite, year-level, or campus override for Psychology (Brantford) in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences.

If you are requesting a major or year-level override, please check whether the restriction is scheduled to be removed and attempt to enrol after that date. We will not approve overrides for courses whose restrictions are scheduled to be removed.

If you have a minor in psychology, do not use this form to request an override of major restrictions. It will be denied. People with psychology minors must wait for major restrictions to be removed.

How to view restrictions:

  • Find your class
  • Click on the course title
  • Select the "Restrictions" tab in the new window that opens
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window. If the restriction will be removed you will see this information under the "Restriction Dates" heading

Note: Most third year courses will have their major and year-level restrictions removed before the semester begins.

Students requesting a major override must have a cumulative GPA of 7.00 or above. 

The completion of this form does not guarantee entry into a course. Each request will be considered by the Psychology undergraduate advisor in consultation with the program coordinator. 

You are required to complete a separate form for each request. During the fall and winter semesters, this form might not be processed until two weeks before class begins in order to ensure students who require the course for graduation have registered.

Please note that during registration periods, there are high volumes of requests. Requests may take up to 48hrs (1-2 business days) to process.

If you have questions about degree requirements, course prerequisites, or your current year level contact the Academic Advising Team at .

If you have questions about completing the form, contact the Psychology Academic Program Administrator Kristina Malecki at