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Thinking of switching programs or campus locations?

Students who are interested in transferring between programs or campus locations are subject so certain restrictions. Read the following frequently asked questions to see if you are eligible.

Note: Once a student removes him or herself from a program, they cannot re-enrol in the original program. Students cannot switch streams more than once.

Can I opt into the MBA/MFin double-degree program if I am currently enrolled in the general MBA?

Yes, you can. However, you must decide to make the change during one of your four integrated core component terms and before term five begins. At the beginning of term five, you will then register for the pre-selected Master of Finance program courses to complete the full 4-year part-time double–degree program.

You must also already possess the specific admission requirements for the double degree and all back fees are due and payable at the time of transfer.

Contact the MBA office directly for further details.

Will my fees be refunded if I move from the MBA/MFin double-degree program to the general MBA?

No. Students who choose to opt out at any time will not be refunded any of the incurred fees. 

Can I transfer between a MBA campus location?

Yes, under exceptional circumstances. All Lazaridis MBA degree program options are campus-specific and are customized in duration and delivery style to their specific campus location.

Students admitted to any of the Toronto MBA programs are expected to complete their full course of studies in the Toronto program. All Toronto MBA programs are privatized and special fees apply. Transfers to the Waterloo programs are only allowed in exceptional circumstances following a required two-term withdrawal from the Toronto program. Students who elect to take specific MBA courses on the Waterloo Campus, do so under the terms and conditions of the Toronto program.