Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry Overrides

The Biology Department and the Chemistry/Biochemistry Department do not provide routine overrides to BI and WASC, or CH courses. You must have completed the prerequisite(s) before you can enrol in a course.

This page provides information to students who want to enrol in a Biology (BI), Water Science (WASC), or Chemistry (CH) course but are unable to. If you cannot enrol in a course then you must:

  1. Check to ensure that you have the correct prerequisite(s).
  2. Check the enrolment restrictions to ensure that enrolment is open to you at the current time.

You can easily check course details using the Browse Classes feature in LORIS.

Look up the course and click on the course title.

You must complete prerequisite(s) before you can enrol in a course.

Many senior courses are restricted to students in that major until July 14, 2021.

If you believe you have completed a prerequisite course (e.g. at another university) and it is not being recognized then write to (BI and WASC) or (CH) and include details explaining the situation. It is very helpful if you can include the error message you get when you try to enrol.

Enrolment in many senior BI, WASC, and CH courses is restricted to students registered with a major in a Biology, Water Science and Environmental Health, Environmental Science, or Chemistry and Biochemistry program until July 14, 2021.

If you are working towards a Minor in Biology or Chemistry or are in a program that can include BI or CH credits (but they are not required) then you will be able to enrol after the major restriction is lifted.

If you have questions about Degree Requirements in:

Biochemistry and Biotechnology programs - write to

Biology programs – write to

Chemistry programs – write to

Water Science and Environmental Health program – write to

Environmental Science – write to