Biology Course Override Requests

As a first step, review the Faculty of Science Registration Restrictions information.

This information is for Waterloo campus students who are seeking an override (e.g. prerequisite, major, year-level) for BI (Biology) or WASC (Water Science) courses in the Faculty of Science

Please read the section(s) below that apply to your academic circumstance.  Do not appeal for an override that will not be granted for your academic circumstance.

Prerequisite overrides

The Biology Department does not waive Laurier course prerequisites.

Exceptions are only made for students who have the equivalent prerequisite course(s) from another institution (e.g., transfer credit, Letter of Permission). To request a pre-requisite over-ride for this circumstance, email the Department Undergraduate Officer ( Include your full name, ID#, BI/WASC course of interest and the course description for your pre-requisite from another institution.

Major / program overrides

In the Faculty of Science, most departments restrict enrolment in senior courses to their majors for a period of time for priority registration. If an end date for priority registration is specified in the restriction section, non-majors may register themselves, as of the release date. The Biology department does not provide major overrides.

Year overrides

The Biology department has “year” restrictions for some courses. The Biology department does not waive “year” restrictions.

Exceptions may be made for students seeking registration in BI196.  If you have received a year-level error when attempting to add this course, email the Department Undergraduate Officer at  Include your full name and student ID# in the email.

Capacity overrides

Capacity overrides are not granted by the Biology department.

Time overrides

Overrides are not granted by the Biology department for scheduling conflicts with another lecture/lab/tutorial section.

Repeat overrides

Based on university regulations, a course may only be completed twice. If you attempt to register for the course a third time, you will receive a “repeat” error.  If this is a required course for your program, you will need to contact Science Academic Advising to discuss a petition for a “third attempt” at the course.