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Science Academic Advising

IMPORTANT NOTE DURING COVID-19:  The Faculty of Science Advising Office team is currently working remotely during normal business hours.  We will continue to support students virtually.  We have created a Faculty of Science Advising course page on MyLearningSpace for academic related information. 

Advising questions may be submitted to the Faculty of Science Advising Office team by email to Be sure to always include your full name and student ID# so we can correctly identify you.  In addition, pre-booked audio appointments are available for consultations that cannot be effectively managed by email.  An appointment request form is available in the appointment section.  In-person meetings and office phone calls are not available at this time.

Senior students with a home department may direct program-specific questions to their undergraduate program advisor.  Contact emails are listed below in the appointment section.


Academic advising is available to all Faculty of Science students. Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and an academic advisor. Your academic advisor can assist you with developing and achieving meaningful educational and career goals. Regular contact with an academic advisor is recommended.

Whom Do I Contact for Academic Advising?

The academic advisor that you should contact depends on:

  • Your year of study;
  • Your program of registration;
  • The type of inquiry; and
  • The complexity of your academic circumstances.

Advising Appointments