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Spring Term Funding

If you will be enrolled in a part-time OSAP course load for the spring/intersession/summer session term you must submit a new part-time OSAP application through the OSAP website. Please review the minimum course load requirements for part-time OSAP funding in the spring/intersession/summer session term below carefully. Course load calculations for undergraduate students varies depending on how many courses you register in and whether these courses include 12 week spring term classes (May-August), 6 week intersession classes (May – June) or 6 week summer session classes (July – August).

Part-time Course Load Requirements

Undergraduate Students

  • 1.00 credits in a combination of spring/intersession/summer session courses = 40% course load.
  • 0.50 credits in 12-week spring courses (May to August) = 20% course load.
  • 1.00 credits in 12-week spring courses (May to August) = 40% course load.
  • 0.50 credits in six-week intersession courses only (May to June) = 40% course load.
  • 0.50 credits in six-week summer courses only (July to August) = 40% course load.
  • For OSAP student registrants with a permanent disability, the maximum required course load for part-time OSAP is 30%.

If you are registered in a full-time course load please review the Full-time Spring Term Funding information.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must be enrolled with part-time registration status in order to be eligible for part-time OSAP during the 12-week spring term. All part-time graduate students are considered registered in a 50% course load regardless of the number of courses each term.