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Register for Courses

With all the prep work you've done, you're now ready to register for your courses.

 Follow the information below to register for your courses: 

Note: There are two (2) course delivery options: In-Person or Online Learning. You can identify an online course on LORIS by checking the section – online courses are marked with an OC.

Log In to LORIS

  1. Go to LORIS
  2. Enter your Laurier credentials. See the Accounts and Passwords page if you need a reminder.

Note: If you lock your account, wait five minutes and it will reset. If you continue to have login issues, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Learn more about LORIS and how to use it.

Add/Drop Your Courses

To add your courses during registration:

  1. Navigate in LORIS: Student Services > Registration > Register for Classes.
  2. Select your term and click "Continue."
    • You must register for both fall and winter terms, but begin with fall 2022.
  3. Click the "Enter CRNs" tab. Learn more about CRNs.
  4. Click "+ Add Another CRN" until you have enough textboxes for your whole term.
  5. Type each CRN into a box (for example, 1636).
  6. Click "Add to Summary" to add all your courses.
  7. Press "Submit" on the summary page to officially register in your courses.

You are successfully registered in your courses when you see the word "Registered" beside each lecture, lab and tutorial.

If you need to drop any courses: 

  1. Navigate in LORIS: Student Services > Registration > Register for Classes. 
  2. Select your term and click "Continue."
  3. Navigate to Summary section (bottom right of screen).
  4. Select "Drop Course" from the Action dropdown fields, next to the course you wish to remove.
  5. Click "Submit." 

View the video on how to add and drop courses in LORIS:  

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Registration Tips

Courses Full?

If a course you want to register in is full, check LORIS regularly to see if new course sections are available. Throughout the summer, Laurier may increase class sizes or add new course sections to accommodate the increase in demand.

View Your Weekly Schedule

You can view your schedule in LORIS by following the pathway below:

  • LORIS > Student Services > Registration > View Registration Information

Online courses will not appear in your schedule.

Course Reference Number 

CRN stands for "course reference number." CRNs can be found in the Visual Schedule Builder or Browse Classes.

Remember that labs and tutorials will have their own CRN. You must add the course CRN and lab/tutorial CRN to successfully register for the course.

If you do not know the CRN of the course you wish to add, you can search for it using the “Find Classes” tab. You can search for classes by course code, course title, subject, etc.

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Adjusting Your Schedule