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Register for Courses

With all the prep work you've done, you're now ready to register for your courses!

On this page, you'll find information on: 


Log In to LORIS

LORIS is the system you use to register for courses. To log in: 

  1. Go to LORIS
  2. Enter your Laurier credentials. 

If you receive errors in LORIS during registration, refer to the LORIS page

If you lock your account, wait five minutes for it to reset. If you continue to have issues, contact the ICT Service Desk

Registration Process

Add Courses

You must register for both fall and winter terms, but begin with your fall term courses first. To add courses during registration:

  1. Navigate in LORIS: Student Services > Registration > Register for Classes. 
  2. Select your term and click Continue.
  3. Select the Enter CRNs tab.
  4. Select + Add Another CRN until you have enough textboxes for your whole term.
  5. Type each CRN that you noted in step 3 into a box (for example: 1636). 
  6. Select Add to Summary to add all your courses.
  7. Press Submit on the summary page to officially register in your courses.

Registered beside each lecture, lab and tutorial means you've successfully registered.

Adjusting Lab and Tutorial Schedules

You can switch a tutorial or lab section on LORIS without automatically dropping the lecture. For example: You are currently registered in SP101 Section A, Tutorial 1 want to switch into Tutorial 2.

Follow these steps to switch, provided there is room in the tutorial and there are no time conflicts.

  1. Log in to LORIS.
  2. Select Student Services.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Register for Classes.
  5. Select term and Continue.
  6. Go to Find Classes and Search for the new section you want to add. Select Add and it will go to your Summary as Pending status.
  7. Under "Summary," find the section you want to drop and select Drop Course.
  8. Press Submit.

Watch the video below for a tutorial of how to add and drop labs and tutorials: 


If you weren't able to secure a spot in a class you would like to take, adding your name to a waitlist may be a great option for you. Waitlists exist for some courses and allow you to "get in line" for the next available space that may become available. 

View the Academic Calendar for all academic and related dates, including the deadline to add/drop courses each term. Note - students will be unable to add themselves to a waitlisted course after the last day to add a class each term. 

Common LORIS errors you may see are ‘course load maximum’, ‘prerequisite not met’ and ‘year level restriction’. Before you add yourself to the waitlist, make sure you don't have any restrictions.

Watch the video below to guide you through the waitlist process: 

Override Forms

If you want to take a course that restrictions prevent you from taking, you can request permission by speaking to your academic advisor or by completing the appropriate form below.

Overload Forms

Overload forms are used to request taking more than the maximum number of credits you are allowed to take in a term.