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Step 2: Choose Electives


Electives are any course that are outside of your chosen program of study. All programs require students to choose electives to complete their degree, but the number of electives you need to take will depend on your program. You can choose to take electives from almost any other program at Laurier, even courses that are outside of your faculty!

How Do I Choose an Elective?

Choosing electives may seem overwhelming at first, but there are a few things you can consider to make the process easier:

  • Look for courses that sound interesting or relate to passions outside of the classroom.
  • Consider subjects you enjoyed in high school.
  • Think about courses that compliment your major or career path.
  • Review your program’s suggested electives listed in the year 1 program requirements.

First-year students can review a listing of courses available to first-year students, outlined below by faculty. All courses listed under "Waterloo Campus First-Year Course Offerings" or "Brantford Campus First-Year Course Offerings" will be offered in-person, on campus. Courses listed under "Online First-Year Course Offerings" will be offered virtually, and are open to students on both campuses. You can review courses listed under your campus, as well as those offered online, for a complete listing of electives available to you.

Upper-year students can find a complete list of all courses offered by each department in the Academic Calendar. Note that not all courses listed in the calendar will be offered each semester, and you can use the Browse Classes tool to build your timetable around what is currently being offered.

Waterloo Campus First-Year Course Offerings

Brantford Campus First-Year Course Offerings

Online First-Year Course Offerings