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Step 1: Program Requirements

Courses in Fall 2021 will be offered in-person, remotely, or online

In-person sections will have specific building, room number, and date and time listed for each section. These sections can be found under the Brantford or Waterloo campus.

Remote sections will have specific dates and times listed per section.  Remote sections in Brantford will have Remote Brantford as the building and REMOTE as the room number. Remote sections in Waterloo will have Remote Waterloo as the building and REMOTE as the room number.

Online sections will be taught asynchronously and will not have a location, date, or time specified. These sections can be found under the Online Learning Campus.

All Winter 2022 courses found under the Brantford or Waterloo Campus will be held in-person.

Please refer to our Remote Learning: Student Support Hub, as well as our Golden Guide to Success in Online and Remote Learning

Program-specific requirements can be found in MyDegree, or in the official academic calendar. For assistance with course selection, we encourage first year students to view a registration webinar, and senior students (year 2 and above) to seek academic advising.

Tutorial: MyDegree Tool

First Year Program Requirements 

Each program at Laurier has a specific curriculum, listed by faculty below. If you are unsure of which Faculty you belong to, refer to our list of programs by faculty.

Note: If there is any discrepancy between the requirements listed here and the requirements in the academic calendar, the calendar is the official version. Program requirements are subject to change so we encourage you to check back often.

Choosing Your Course Load

To earn an Honours Degree, you will need to complete 20.0 credits:

0.5 credit: Normally conducted over 1 semester 
1.0 credit: Normally conducted over 2 semesters

If you are studying part-time, you can take up to 1.5 credits per term. Full-time status is given to students who take 2.0 or 2.5 credits per term.

If you select 2.5 credits in the fall term and 2.5 credits in the winter term, you can complete an Honours Degree in 4 years.

Waterloo Campus

Brantford Campus

Online Campus