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Study Spaces

Grab a coffee or tea, crack open your laptop or textbook, settle in and get your study on. Whether you're looking for a quiet space for individual study or rooms to study with classmates, we have an abundance of study spaces to choose from across Laurier. 

Find a space to study in: 

Some of the our spaces require your OneCard to access. Make sure you carry your OneCard with you at all times.

Waterloo Study Spaces

Watch the video to get a glimpse of our spaces in Waterloo and learn more about the spaces and how to access them below. 

24-Hour Lounge

Located on the second floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre, the 24-hour lounge is equipped with computers and group study rooms. If vending machines aren’t enough to tie you over, the lounge is conveniently located right above Wilf’s and the Terrace Food Court. This is not a designated quiet study space.

Concourse and Computer Lab

If you're in need of a computer, head to the computer lab located near the concourse in Arts 1E105. 

Lazaridis Hall

Take advantage of Laurier’s state-of-the-art facility, Lazaridis Hall. Whether you are looking for individual or group study space, Lazaridis Hall is equipped to accommodate your study style.


With a computer lab, group study rooms, a lounge area, the Laurier library offers amenities to suit all your studying needs.

Accurately nicknamed silent seven, the seventh floor of the library is for those of you who prefer to study in silence. Crack open your textbook in a private study carol and keep it down – there are hawks studying.

The Graduate Commons, located on the third floor of the library, is where graduate students head for quiet study space and group discussion. 

Things to note about studying in the Library: 

  • Group study rooms can be booked and used by more than one user.
  • Graduate Commons study area and lounge on the third floor is open during building opening hours (access by One Card).
  • Food and drink are allowed in the Library following university guidelines.
  • Small number of individual study rooms are available for booking by ALC registered students.
  • For additional information, see Library Study Areas.

Science Atrium

The Science Atrium is a bustling hub of students cramming for exams and offers a great spot for group discussion. Enter through the North entrance of the parking lot. 


The solarium is a top choice for students seeking a quiet study space; with comfy furniture and a great view, what more could you ask for?

Turret and Hawk's Nest

When events aren't being hosted, the Turret and Hawk's Nest function as a space for group studying or if you need that little bit of noise. This is not a designated quiet study space.

You can use the space Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. If events are being held, the hours may vary. 

The Turret and Hawk's Nest can be found on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. OneCard tap access is required.

Brantford Study Spaces

Watch the video to get a glimpse of our spaces in Brantford and learn more about the spaces and how to access them below. 

Student Learning Commons

The Student Learning Commons located in One Market (second floor) provides ample space with student services readily available for studying and group work. To find this spcae, enter at the corner of Dalhousie St. and Market St. using your OneCard access.

Although it's not a designated quiet space, make sure you're courteous to others around you and keep conversation to an indoor voice level.

Student Centre

The Student Centre offers two spaces for you to study: the First Floor Study Lounge (first floor) and the Multi-Purpose Room (basement).

Study with classmates at the large tables in the multi-purpose room at the Student Centre. Lots of space, means lots of room to spread out your work and get creative. This is not a designated quiet space, so it's perfect for group work.

Get comfy while you hit the books in the Student Centre's second floor lounge. With lots of cozy chairs, a (non-working) fireplace and bright windows, you'll make studying aesthetic in this space.

Both spaces are open 24 hours (with OneCard access after building hours).

Hawk's Nest

The Hawk's Nest is a private space that can be found in the Laurier Brantford YMCA. With easy access to fitness facilities, this study space is a perfect spot to take breaks and get moving.

Digital Library and Learning Commons

The Digital Library and Learning Commons is located on the lower level of Grand River Hall. Here you’ll find individual, private desks with power outlets and large tables for group work, a bookable group-study room, computer workstations, scanners, and a printer and photocopier.

Brantford Public Library

The Brantford Public Library houses Laurier’s Brantford campus collections and the third floor provides access to quiet study spaces. There’s also a bookable study space on the first floor, with a maximum capacity of four persons.

Commuter Lounge

The Carnegie Building is where you will find the commuter lounge, a study space designated to students who are encouraged to take their eyes of the road and focus on their lecture notes. Perk: You might meet students commuting from the same destination; arrange a carpool and save on travel expenses.

SC Johnson

Study spaces in the SC Johnson building can be found on the main floor, second floor and in the basement. The second floor study space in SCJ is a quiet lounge with individual desks and comfy couches. To find the building, enter at corner Dalhousie and Market St.

Perk: The building has old beams from when the building used to be a bank add a lot of character to the space, and huge windows let in a lot of natural light to the space.

Kitchener Location


The library in the Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work building offers you a quiet space to study. You can enter through the Library's entrance lower level.