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Level One Lounge in Brantford


The Level One Lounge (L1) is one of the only exclusively social spaces dedicated to students on the Brantford Campus. L1 is located on the first level (basement) of One Market, OM116.

The L1 is the perfect place to relax after a hard midterm, collaborate with a group on a project, or best your friends in a competitive match.

The goal of the L1 is to provide a place for Laurier students to spend time with friends as well as meet new ones by providing a casual and relaxed environment.

What's in the Lounge?

Pool table in L1 loungeThis one of a kind hang out spot features both table and video games, along with a full audio/visual set up. There is tons of seating for events and activities and the space also features a rolling cart TV for all your collaborative needs. The space also boasts a kitchenette and a small stage for performances!

Game tables and systems include:

  • A Playstation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox
  • Pool Tables
  • Air Hockey
  • Table Tennis
  • Foosball 
  • A Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet
  • Digital Board Game Table 
  • Tons of Physical Board Games 
  • And More! 

Games systems and lounge chairs in L1 LoungeBring your friends and watch the Raptors or Leaf’s on a big screen! Sports not your scene? The L1 Lounge features a projector screen that is perfect for any type of viewing party. Movies, shows, and sports games will be shown on a regular basis so look out for posters and social media posts with details!

Looking for something a bit more competitive? Keep a look out for the designated play nights as well as leagues for things like Ping Pong and Super Smash Bros!

Book the Space

Book out your favourite table and video games, days or even weeks in advance to make sure it is free when you want it. This system is invaluable in making sure you get to play when you want to play. 

Check out the system and book a timeslot.

Note: Use of video games when the space is after hours requires a booking. Book by 3 p.m. on any weekday to secure your spot for after 8 p.m., Monday to Thursday, or 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. 

Want to use L1 for an event? Send your inquiry by email to

Rules and Guidelines

  • The L1 Lounge is not a quiet space due to its social nature. We expect people to have fun at varying volumes. Students are still expected to behave with respect for others and abide by the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct.
  • We expect all attendees to respect the property of the space. If something is broken or goes missing the student using the equipment at the time will be held responsible under 6.01.05 a-d.
  • Respect the booking system. Drop-ins are welcome and encourages, but students with bookings have priority on games/devices.


The L1 was only made possible through a generous donation from the Student Life Levy. We extend a gracious thanks to all the undergraduate students that funded the project through the years!

Suggestion Box

This is a space for students and we want it shaped by students. 

Have an idea for something that needs to go in the lounge, or a game that we absolutely need to get for the consoles? Drop us an email at