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Calendar (MyLS Course Tool)

The calendar is a course tool in MyLS.

You can use the tool to:

  • arrange and visualize course events in multiple views,
  • enable integration of course content and your calendar, and
  • use iCal to synchronize with your personal calendars such as Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone and Android.


MyLearningSpace calendar course tool 

1. Calendar Views: Use the calendar views area to toggle between different event display layouts.
  • Agenda view: Group your course events by Date, Course, or Category. Events display in chronological order, and all-day events display at the top of each grouped listing.
  • Day, Week, and Month: Group your events in daily, weekly, or monthly increments.
  • List view: Filter your events by Dropbox, Checklists, Discussions, Events, Grades, Materials, Modules, Quizzes, and Surveys.

2. Navigation: Use the calendar content area to navigate through your content. Navigation will vary depending on the view you select.

3. Calendar View: View events in a calendar view.

4. Print, Settings, Search: Print the calendar, change your settings, and search for events.

5. Calendar menu: Select multiple calendars to display, change the color scheme associated with individual calendars, and add new calendars.

6. Active Day: Today’s date.

7. Events: Displays events from each calendar.

8. Mini Calendar: Use the mini calendar to navigate quickly to a specific day, week, or month.

9. Tasks: Keep track of personal deadlines for yourself. To add a task, click the "Add a task…" box, type a name for your task and hit the "Enter" key.