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Groups (MyLS Course Tool)

Groups is a course tool in MyLS.

Your instructor may use the Groups tool to set up groups for your course. Your instructor has the option to add you to the groups manually, randomly or allow you to self enrol.

Using the tool, you can:

  • work on and submit collaborative group projects, or
  • break into smaller discussions.


Groups My Learning Space course tool overview 

1. View Available Groups: View groups you can enrol in.

2. Group Category: Name of the group category.

3. Group Name: Name of the group you are enrolled in.

4. Members: View the names of your group members.

5. Dropbox: View the Group Dropbox folders.

6. Discussions: View the Group Discussions.

7. Locker: Access the group locker.

8. Email: Compose an email to group members.

9. Actions: Take additional actions related to your group.

Enrol in a Group

Your group enrolment will appear under "My Groups" once you complete the steps below.

1. Click "Groups" in the navigation bar.

2. Click the "View Available Groups" button.

View Availabile Groups button

3. Click "Join Group" beside the group you want to enrol in.

Group list with join group link