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Quizzes (MyLS Course Tool)

Quizzes is a course tool in MyLS.

Your instructor may use the Quizzes tool for a number of purposes, which could include the following evaluations to count toward your final grade:

  • self-test,
  • pop quiz,
  • weekly quiz,
  • midterm, or
  • final exam.

Quizzes can include a wide variety of types of questions, such as multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, essay, or even mathematical questions.

Your instructor may choose to make your results available to you right away, or at a later date.

Prepare for Quizzes

Prepare for Success

  • Always use a recommended web browser updated to the most recent version (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
  • Make sure cookies and pop-ups are enabled on your web browser.
  • When possible,
    • Use an Ethernet internet connection instead of WiFi.
    • Use a desktop or laptop computer instead of a mobile device.
    • Limit the other activities using your internet bandwidth (ie. video games, downloading).
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Make sure you don't have other programs running on your computer.

Before You Begin

Note some of the quiz information:

Quiz Availability Dates

These control when you are able to enter the quiz.

  • It's best to begin a quiz at the beginning of the availability window.
  • If you lose access to the quiz (because your browser crashes, or your internet disconnects), you can re-enter as long as it hasn't passed the availability end date and time and as long as your time limit hasn't run out.
  • If you begin the quiz closer to the end of that availability window, your ability to re-enter will be limited.

Quiz Due Date and Time

Your instructor may penalize submissions made after this time.

Number of Attempts

Listed in the column to the right.

  • For some quizzes, your instructor may allow you to have multiple attempts.
  • Take a look at how many attemps are permitted and how many you have completed.
  • A red asterisk indicates that an attempt was started but not completed.

Quiz Instructions

Read the quiz instructions carefully.

When you're ready to begin, click "Start Quiz!"

Your quiz displays in full screen with no course menu.

Taking Quizzes

Respondus LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. 

Your instructor may use Respondus LockDown Browser to ensure a fair and secure environment for all students who are writing the exam. This browser is the online equivalent of a proctored exam room.

The browser prevents you from printing, copying, going to another website, or accessing other applications during the test.


You must install this software on your computer before taking the test.

We recommend that you install the software and make sure it is running the latest version before you take your test.

Starting Your Exam/Quiz

1. Log in to MyLearningSpace.

2. Start the quiz from a regular web browser.

The quiz will open the LockDown Browser application and allow you to complete the quiz within MyLearningSpace.