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Changes to Student and Alumni Email

Important Note: 

Google Workspace (specifically Google Drive) is no longer supported by Laurier as we migrated to Microsoft in 2021. Access to the Google Drive for your account will be removed starting in Jan 2023. If you would like to keep any files currently stored on your Google Drive, please move your files to an alternative storage location by December 2022.


On June 9, 2021, ICT completed the migration of all student email accounts from Gmail to Outlook.  

It is important to note that you will need to log in to to receive new emails. Your Gmail account will no longer any new emails after this date.

This migration will provide students with the following benefits:

  • the same email platform as faculty and staff, facilitating easier collaboration 
  • the ability to use the calendar functions on Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft tools to allow for easy meeting set-up 
  • an integrated software suite that includes communication, creation, and collaboration tools in one place   
  • increased account security being hosted within Laurier’s main tenant 

The upgrade will provide alumni with the following benefits:  

  • the same email platform as faculty and staff, facilitating easier collaboration
  • increased account security

If you are continuing to have issues setting up your account new Outlook account, please review the Frequently Asked Questions that are available on and contain video guides for different operating systems. If you continue to have issues setting up your account, please reach out to us at 

Roll-Out Plan

ICT plans to start rolling out these changes starting on April 2, 2021, targeting specific groups who will be notified prior to the migration. All new students who accept offers of admission for future semesters after May will be automatically provided with a new Outlook student email account.  Our tentative rollout schedule will be as follows: 

  • Alumni: Starting in April 2021
  • Current Students: Starting in May 2021
  • All groups completed by July 2021

What's New

The primary difference will be the look and feel of your inbox and the way in which emails are sorted. Because Outlook uses folders instead of labels, after the migration any email message marked with a label in your Gmail account will be put into a folder in your Outlook account.  

Your Migration

Students and alumni whose accounts are scheduled to be migrated to Outlook will receive an email prior to the change explaining the new method of logging in and the date when the changes will take effect.

How to Log In

Once the migration is complete, access your email messages in Outlook at We recommend you bookmark or favourite this URL for future reference. 

Your MyLaurier Outlook login credentials are the same as they were for your Gmail account. Sign in using your email and password to access Outlook.

Google Drive

Access to Google Drive will be retained but email will be moved from Gmail to Exchange. By using your Microsoft Exchange account, you are subject to the following Terms of Use.

Items to be Migrated

When your account is upgraded, email messages, calendar entries, contacts (to a maximum of three addresses per contact) will be migrated to Outlook/OneDrive.  

Items that are not Migrated

In contrast, the following items will not be migrated:

  • Mail: Vacation settings, automatic reply settings; filters/rules
  • Meeting rooms: Room bookings
  • Calendar: Shared calendars, cloud attachments, Google Hangout links and event colours
  • Contacts: Gmail tags, contact URLs and custom tags
  • Google Drive: Files stored on your Google Drive will not be migrated to OneDrive

Frequently Asked Questions