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Disability Justice and Accessibility

Laurier is committed to creating an accessible and barrier free environment for our students. Learn about our accessibility services and initiatives. 

Student Advocates for Accessibility

Student Advocates for Accessibility (S.A.F.A) is a student service working towards creating a more accessible and inclusive campus for all. Our collective was founded on continuous experiences of inaccessibility and ableism that are inherent within institutions and systems everywhere. While our members all have intersecting identities, we strive to uplift the experiences of those within disabled and chronically ill communities by engaging in conversations about personal experiences and concepts we learn from other disability justice advocates and by creating programming for the Laurier community. We strive to be a safe(r) space and provide peer mentorship, advocacy and education.

Register for Accessible Learning Services

The Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) aims to provide students with temporary or permanent disabilities access to accommodations that remove barriers and allow opportunities for equal participation. Support is provided in a way that aids students in completing the essential requirements of their courses and program without jeopardizing academic integrity. If you are interested in accessing our support, register with the ALC!

Accessibility on Campus

Laurier is committed to creating a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, as well as promoting accessibility and equitable access to services and facilities.