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Canada’s Cannabis Legislation

With recreational cannabis consumption legal in Canada, you should be aware of what is permissible at Laurier in relation to the federal Cannabis Act. The following information has been created to help you understand how the new legislation applies to you as a Laurier student.

The university will continue to enforce its policies, student residence standards and all applicable legislation in accordance with established processes. For further questions about cannabis use at Laurier, refer to the smoke-free policy FAQs.

A Few Basics

According to the Government of Canada’s Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Control Act of Ontario:

✓ You must be 19 years of age or older to purchase, possess or grow recreational cannabis.

✓ You may possess a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis in public at any time.

✘ You cannot consume cannabis in the workplace.

✘ It is illegal to drive when impaired by cannabis.

Cannabis on Laurier’s Campuses


✘ Cannabis consumption, including edible products, is not permitted at any Laurier property (indoor or out of doors), in university facilities (including residences) or in university vehicles, with few exceptions, according to Laurier’s Smoke Free Policy.

✓ You should come to classes, tutorials and other learning activities prepared to learn and work safely. Expectations for student behaviour are outlined in Laurier’s Non-Academic Code of Conduct and the Residence Code of Conduct. You could face suspension or expulsion if you are found to be impaired in a class.


✓ Medical use of cannabis in residence buildings is accommodated through Residence Life policies; contact Residence Life for more information.


✓ You may possess a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis in public at any time, including while on Laurier property or in university facilities (including your residence building). All cannabis brought onto university property or into university facilities must be legally obtained.

✘ You cannot have cannabis orders delivered to your student residence or to any university property.

✓ Cannabis and cannabis accessories in or on university facilities must be stored in sealed, scent-proof containers.

✓ Be aware of how cannabis possession can impact your travel plans.

Growth and Distribution

✘ You are not permitted to grow cannabis plants for recreational purpose on Laurier property or in university buildings, including your student residence.

✘ You cannot sell, distribute or promote cannabis or related products (e.g., edibles, smoking accessories) on Laurier’s campuses or in university facilities, including your student residence building.