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Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management

Your Path to Support

As a Laurier student you should expect to receive, and contribute to, the kind of supportive environment that leads to personal wellbeing and a positive experience for all.

The Human Rights and Conflict Management Office was designed to create pathways for you to access multi-partial and confidential supports and services.

Our office helps Laurier students who have experienced harassment, discrimination, bullying, a toxic work or learning environment, significant interpersonal conflict, or a misapplication of university policy. We also support students who have experienced gendered and sexual violence on or off campus, or before coming to Laurier.

As a multi-partial body serving all members and campuses within the Laurier community, the OHRCM will assist with

  • facilitating the resolution of harassment and discrimination complaints;
  • improving difficult relationships through collaboration with individuals and groups;
  • providing a confidential forum to discuss conflict and receive coaching and support;
  • educating the University community about workplace conflict and strategies for effective resolution; and
  • offering awareness programs, workshops and customized training sessions on healthy and effective conflict resolution.

Determining Your Support Path

Our office provides three distinct avenues to find the help you need. 

Human Rights

We address experiences of harassment, discrimination and other human rights violations on behalf of students, faculty and staff.

Sexual Violence Support

If you've experienced gendered or sexual violence, speak with our support and advocacy staff and learn about healthy next steps.

Conflict Management and Ombuds Support

We provide you with resources, coaching and support if you've experienced interpersonal conflict or the misapplication or university policies or procedures