Piloting a Drone or UAV Application Form

​​Complete this form if you are requesting permission to pilot a drone or unmanned air vehicle in the premises of Laurier property. 

The non-recreational piloting of a drone, UAV or any other flying object launched from Laurier property are governed by legislation and university risk management requirements.

Risk Management requirements for all UAV operations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • You must read and understand all of the legislation, rules and regulations that apply to your SFOC and Agreement with NAV Canada (if applicable).
  • For any proposed UAV launch at a Laurier campus you must have a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).  
  • Only UAV’s that are the property of Laurier or those that are formally leased/loaned to Laurier under contract with another company may be used for these purposes. Privately owned UAV’s, UAV’s which are registered and UAV’s which exceed 30 kg cannot be covered under the university’s insurance. 
  • You are required to have the following documents with you at all times while piloting such aircraft: 
    • ​A copy of the SFOC and the Agreement with NAV Canada (if applicable) 
    • ​Certificate of Insurance (proof of liability insurance coverage) 
    • ​The pilot’s name, address and telephone number. 
    • ​A copy of the UAV system operating limitations. 
  • All individuals piloting UAV’s on behalf of Laurier must request a Certificate of Insurance through the Insurance Office in order to operate the UAV. Certificates of Insurance may only be requested by Employees, who may also complete the request on behalf of a student in their department to accompany the Request for Certificate of Insurance. 
  • If a student is intended to pilot the aircraft, they must be registered as a student in the semester in which they will be piloting the aircraft and they must have a supervisor indicated on this form.   
  • ​The pilot is responsible to ensure that they are appropriately trained to pilot such craft, that the UAV is maintained appropriately according to manufacturer’s specifications and that the UAV is checked prior to each use to ensure that it is in a fit and safe state for use.
Please allow 10 working days to process this application.