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Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management

Attending university is an exciting and stimulating phase of your life. During your time on campus you will be making new friends, engaging in the Laurier community, going to new places and experiencing new life challenges.

With every new experience, Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management (SHERM) wants to make sure you know how to stay safe, whether you're cooking in your kitchen, working in a lab settingworking a part-time job or spending time on your computer (see Office Ergonomics Training).

SHERM's health and safety training can also be used to enhance your qualifications when applying for a job, since providing health and safety training is a requirement for all employers.

Raising Safety Concerns

Laurier is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of its students. In order to do this, we all must play an important role in identifying and reporting hazards. If you see an unsafe condition, please take the time to report it to SHERM so that we ensure the problem is brought to the attention of the appropriate department for correction.

On-Campus Events and Activities

Event organizers have a duty of care to provide a safe environment and to ensure public safety during their event. When planning your event it is important to remember that each event is different; from the type and number of people attending, to the nature of the event.
Good planning means being prepared well in advance and ensuring that safety is a priority throughout the event, including initial pre-event set-up and post-event take-down.
SHERM can assist in the safety planning and mitigation of risks associated with your event. To assist in the planning of your event, please contact


If you require assistance or wish to report a crime, call:

  • Waterloo: 519.885.3333, or from an internal phone x3333.
  • Brantford: 519.770.3778, or from an internal phone x3333.