Young Worker Health and Safety Orientation: Part Two Registration Form

Complete the form below to register for part two of Young Worker Health and Safety Orientation training. If you are working in a lab setting you will be required to stay for an extended training session. Select laboratory, biosafety or laser safety training below as applicable.

Part one of the Young Worker Health and Safety Orientation must be completed on MyLearningSpace prior to attending part two training. Following your completion of part two training, job-specific training will be given to you by your supervisor in conjunction with close supervision on the job.

Cancellation policy: If you cannot attend a class you have registered for, you must notify SHERM two working days prior to the course date. For courses cancelled at the discretion of SHERM, a two-working-day notice will be provided to participants, with the exception of situations involving circumstances beyond SHERM's control.

If you have any questions, email Christine Haywood at