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Job Postings and Employment Preparation

Have you heard the statistics that most job openings are not advertised? It’s true: 75-80% of job openings are not posted. Instead, information about these job openings is often circulated through various managers’ networks, friends and other personal contacts. Utilizing networking in your job search to tap into the hidden job market can significantly increase your chances of finding employment.

Prepare Effective Applications

The Career Centre is here to help you find a job and prepare effective applications, whether you are looking for a full-time job after graduation, an international experience, or a summer or part-time job.

Job Postings

Job postings listed in Navigator are for full-time, summer, part-time and on-campus employment opportunities. These employers are looking to hire Laurier students and alumni.

Resumés, Cover Letters and Applications

A targeted resumé is essential for an effective application to any type of job. We are here is assist you in preparing an effective resumé, cover letter and application.


Learn more about interview preparation including developing an interview agenda and knowing what types of questions to expect.

Social Media Presence

As a key component of your career planning and employment preparation, social media can be a helpful tool for exploring careers and connecting with professionals in the field.

Learn Effective Job Search Strategies

Do you:

  • Search out non-advertised job openings?
  • Use informational interviewing to obtain job leads?
  • Tell your friends and family about your job search?
  • Make 10 new contacts a week?
  • Ask those who rejected you for job leads?
  • Organize your résumé content to suit the job?
  • Prepare possible answers to interview questions, highlighting strengths and skills?
  • Write out an interview agenda in one word triggers?
  • Research an employer for at least two hours prior to an interview?
  • Write a follow-up letter after each interview or lead?

If you’ve answered "no" to even one of these items, you could probably benefit from job search assistance.

Employment Fraud

Employment fraud is on the rise. Fraudulent employers take advantage of those who are new to the job market and may not be familiar with the norms of the employment process. The best way to protect yourself is to be informed. Read more about tips for protecting yourself and knowing your rights.

Network Effectively

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a great opportunity to network and learn about career opportunities. Connect with the Career Centre for assistance in learning about informational interviews.

Ten Thousand Coffees

Join the Laurier Hub on Ten Thousand Coffees for the opportunity to connect with Laurier alumni and learn first-hand about the careers they have successfully pursued.

Create a profile, find connections and schedule a time for a coffee chat with an alum. Whether you are in the process of choosing a career, preparing for a job interview or exploring where your major or degree might lead you, this is an excellent way to gather information and learn from Laurier alumni. Learn more about Ten Thousand Coffees.