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There are some key expectations that must be upheld by individuals and groups to maintain their laboratory privileges:


  • All students wishing to work in the Science Maker Lab must complete select Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management (SHERM) online training courses.
  • Students must read, understand and abide by all lab-specific standard operating procedures.
  • Students must use recommended safety equipment.
  • No student can work in the lab without staff supervision prior to reaching the specified level of training and competence that triggers this freedom.


  • The Science Maker Lab exists to support prototyping and product development for startup-phase businesses. As such, to enter the program, individuals or groups must present a strong business case that uses lean startup methodology – a proven strategy for getting businesses off the ground quickly and with limited resources. Not sure what lean startup means? We can help! Just contact us.
  • Note that in-lab activities of the groups must be tied to their business plan at all times.


  • All students or groups wishing to work in the Science Maker Lab must abide by both the lab-specific general rules and the Laurier Student Code of Conduct.
  • All students wishing to work in the Science Maker Lab must abide by the following lab etiquette rules:
    • All lab usage must be booked in advance through the lab scheduling system.
    • Lab must be left clean and ready to use prior to end of scheduled session.
    • No-shows will result in decreased booking time limits for the offending group(s).

Documentation and Project Management

  • All Science Maker Lab applicants will be asked to develop a timeline for their project and, once accepted into the program, to track their progress at the end of each laboratory session.
  • Progress will be reviewed at regular intervals in a meeting with the lab coordinator to track progress and ensure that non-permanent lab resources are in place at the time that they will be needed.
  • Individuals or groups will need to prove commitment to their project to maintain their position within the program.
  • All Science Maker Lab participants and groups are required to document work in detail through the use of lab books.
  • Industry standard document control procedures must be upheld when it comes to the use and revision of lab policies and standard operating procedures.