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Science Maker Lab

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It!

The Science Maker Lab, located in the Science Research Centre on the Waterloo campus (SR111), is a space where Laurier Students can go to make and/or test tangible prototypes, props, videos, audio or websites for their business ideas, learn how to design and execute new equipment ideas for the research, or learn the basics of using state-of-the-art CAD and equipment to expand their skills or their imagination.

While the Science Maker lab is a Faculty of Science initiative staffed by Science personnel, this extracurricular (not for credit) laboratory is open to the entire Laurier student body.

The lab is well-equipped with all of the standard workshop tools that can be used to create a huge array of physical prototypes quickly. It is also equipped with three 3D printers, a powerful laser cutter/engraver and state-of-the-art computer equipment and software.

In fall of 2023, we added a broadcast quality recording studio that allows you to record in 4K in front of a greenscreen in a sound-deadened room and then edit in any background you want. The production quality we can achieve in this facility is incredible!

We supply the lights and camera. You bring the action.

There is no need to be intimidated by this software or equipment. We have a team of staff and student lab assistants who can help you learn the skills of making from the ground up, teaching you one-on-one. For the self-learners, we also have the lessons as videos on MyLearningSpace, available by self-registering for the Science Maker Lab course.

If it’s necessary to go beyond the Science Maker Lab’s internal capabilities, our mentors and staff have repeatedly helped tender work to outside contractors.

The use of the Science Maker Lab and the training is free, and fees only come into play if consuming a large amount of materials or if the items being made in the lab are being made for resale.

So… what do you want to create in the Laurier Science Maker Lab?

Select Science Maker Lab Success Stories

  • STIL Wastefinder: Floor tiles that allow visually challenged people to navigate recycling bins. Built all generations of prototypes in the Science Maker Lab, including design that is now commercially available. Learn more:
  • Kin Research: Apparatus designed and built by graduate students in the Science Maker Lab for spinal research, brain pattern measurement and balance stimulation experiments.
  • Biology Research: Apparatus designed and built by graduate students in the Science Maker Lab for ongoing research projects.
  • Enactus – Earth Suds: Solid shampoo and conditioner to eliminate single use Hotel bottles. Performed over 180 hours of product development work within the Science Maker Lab, working in cooperation with Science students. Came second in World in Enactus competition. Learn more:
  • Health Sciences 3D World Map: Class project to communicate how long doctors had been being trained in family medicine, dependent on what country they were from. Won awards at Medical Industry event.
  • Enactus – Pollination: Hotels for solitary pollinators. Built early versions of their BeeBox in the Science Maker Lab.
  • Canadian Shield: First Science Maker Lab Assistant went on to be their Operations Manager and Quality Manager during their rapid growth phase, create a patented product. Now continues her career at OpenText. Learn more:

The Science Maker Lab would like to thank the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Life Levy for bringing this service to Laurier students.