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Science Research Centre

The Science Research Centre (SRC) is a four-storey research facility located next to the Science Building on Laurier's Waterloo campus. Built in 2004, this modern building is home to research offices and laboratories from disciplines including psychology, kinesiology, computer science, biology, and chemistry. The facility houses a variety of laboratory spaces where researchers have access to the specialized equipment and infrastructure needed for their work.

The research equipment in the SRC is used by faculty, staff and students. Some of these instruments are owned by the Faculty of Science, while others are maintained by specific researchers and are available to other users at the discretion of the researcher.

A few of the specialized instruments are also available to external users at the discretion of the researcher. For information on how to access Faculty of Science instruments, please contact Max Pottier or Gena Braun.

Instrument Use and Training

All instrument users must receive hands-on training from the instrumentation technician prior to use. This training covers theoretical background, operation procedures, and safety. Previously trained users do not need to be retrained, although refresher sessions can be provided upon request. New researchers: please consult your supervisor for which instruments you’ll be required to use.

Note that some pieces of equipment carry a small user fee to cover the cost of regular operation (e.g. Milli-Q filter cartridges, cleaning solutions, etc.).

For instrument training in the Science Research Centre, contact Max Pottier.

Equipment and Infrastructure

Specialized Instruments

Many of the research faculty have specialized equipment in their own laboratories which is typically used primarily by their own research groups. This equipment includes: incubators, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines, centrifuges, gel docs, cryostats, growth chambers, and more.

There are also research labs outside the Science Research Centre, such as at the Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science and the Northdale Campus, which have their own equipment. Some of this can be made available to other users under some circumstances.

For information regarding the availability of any equipment not detailed above under Equipment and Infrastructure, contact the instrumentation technicians, Max Pottier or Gena Braun.