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Course Selection

As part of your research process for outbound exchanges, make sure you look into courses you're interested in and the language of instruction of your host institution.

Course Selection

Once you have narrowed down your top four institutions, write down the courses you’re hoping to take while on exchange. Consider these lists to be your “wish lists” as you’re not committed to taking these courses. You will need the course lists to complete your Departmental Approval Form.

Find Available Courses

To find courses available at the partner institution:

  1. Log in to Journey.
  2. Use the Search Program tab to look through the partner institution descriptions for a link to courses.

Find information on courses for exchange students using the partner institutions' fact or tip sheets.

Tip: In the United Kingdom and Australia, they use module or unit to refer to courses.

Language of Instruction

English is one of the the languages of instruction at most of our partner institutions.

Many exchange partner institutions include intensive language training before or during the semester to help students adjust and improve their language skills. By planning ahead, you can start learning another language as early as your first year to support your experience studying in a country with a different official language.

If you will be studying in a language other than English, you must submit a Language Assessment Form. See Supplemental Forms and Information for more information.