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Nomination and Host Application Process

Nomination Process

After you have accepted your offer, Laurier International will nominate you to the host institution. You'll get an email from Laurier International when this is done. Once you are nominated, you'll receive an application form from the host institution.

Host Institution Application Process

After you are nominated by Laurier International, either the Laurier International office or the host institution will contact you with the instructions on applying to the host institution as an exchange student.

Every host institution has a different application process and deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the application instructions and apply by their deadline. Laurier International will not be reminding you of the application deadline.

Acceptance to the Laurier International Student Exchange Program does not guarantee acceptance by the host institution. While the host institution has right to refuse admission, this is not likely to happen because we have nominated you as an exchange student and have already negotiated space for you at the host institution.

Generally, students who are studying abroad in the fall term will apply to the host institution any time between March to June. Students studying abroad for the winter term may be able to apply early, but generally would be applying any time between August and December.

Tips for Completing the Host Institution Application

Each host institution will have a different application but some of the same information may be required, no matter where you are applying.

Here is some standard information that may be requested on the host institution application. Make sure you give yourself enough time and allow the appropriate business days for responses.

Laurier Addresses

Wilfrid Laurier University
Laurier International
75 University Ave. West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3C5


If the application requires a signature, you can have Allison Donahue (Waterloo) or Anne-marie Henry (Brantford) sign it. Allow a few business days for a response. You can schedule an appointment by emailing them.


If you are required to send a transcript you will need to order one from Service Laurier. This request can take up to five days.

Host Acceptance Notification

The host institution may send you your acceptance directly, or they may send it to Laurier International. If we receive it we will let you know as soon as possible. If you receive your acceptance directly please email us to let us know.

We recommend that you don't make any travel plans, including booking your flight and securing accommodations, until you receive your acceptance from the host institution.