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Job Opportunities

Employment requirements are established by each individual academic unit head/program.

Qualifications, expectations, and duties may vary from course to course and department to department. Contact your academic unit head for more information about assistantships.

Available Opportunities

Full-time Laurier Graduate Students who are not already employed as Graduate Teaching Assistants and who have the appropriate disciplinary expertise, may apply for available GTA positions. GTA contracts may be for 65 or 130 hours only. 

Your employment supervisor will outline the responsibilities (including deadlines) by completing a Graduate Teaching Assistant Job Responsibilities (GTAJRF). If you require a workplace accommodation, contact

Interested in working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant? 

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) opportunities may be available. Full-time graduate students not already holding a GTA contract may be eligible to apply.

Available positions are posted for 5 business days. Click on any available position(s) posted below to learn more about the requirements and how to apply. 

View available position descriptions here.