Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations: Faculty of Arts

Academic regulations and policies have been designed to assist in accomplishing an educational goal. We understand that sometimes regulations meant for all students will not be appropriate for every student.

Faculty of Arts students who wish to have an academic regulation waived due to extenuating circumstances or on compassionate grounds must submit a request using this form. 

The Faculty of Arts Petitions and Regulations Committee will consider and decide all petitions within six weeks of the filing of the petitions, provided all the proper documentation and information is given. The Petitions Committee will not consider any petition until all documentation has been submitted.

Note: The Faculty of Arts Petitions Committee reserves the right to not consider petitions that are submitted without appropriate supporting documentation.

Familiarize yourself with the petition and appeal process prior to submitting this form. Do not use this form without having carefully reviewed all the information on the page including any faculty-specific information.